Raaz lounge room croppedINTERIOR MAKEOVER

I start by ascertaining your key objectives, including any areas of concern you have.  I then move on to establish your interior style and apply this to every room in your home.

I do this using your existing pieces and identifying where purchases and alterations may make a difference.

Your space should be a reflection of you, revealing your dreams, memories, personality and how you manage your life.  Designing your space to suit you is a powerful tool in effecting change.  I asses the items in your home to determine an optimal layout, combination and style to present a cohesive, empowering and beautiful solution.

You will learn how to the combine colours, shapes and styles of furniture and interior accessories that are best suited to your personality and lifestyle. I take into account the style and architecture of the space along with your personal interior style.

Your home tells your story, and creates your daily reality.  Create harmony in your home by aligning your environment with your dreams, and syncing you and your partner’s/family’s style.  Create change in your career by identifying and shifting what in your space is keeping you stuck.

Full day workshop 9am – 5pm $1500.

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