There’s a house in my neighbourhood that I’m coveting.  It’s a grand old 19th century dame with many rooms, beautiful original features, and an expansive garden.  It’s been empty and for sale for a long time and its forlorn appearance and lonely disposition are tugging on my heart strings.

Cumberbatch dreaming

The home’s current floorplan divides the space into a formal living room, a formal dining room, two kitchens, a library, seven bedrooms, three bathrooms and a laundry.  These rooms are too grand for my lifestyle so I have been playing with my dream house and a modern interpretation for the usage of rooms.

For day to day living I can’t go past a generously sized living, dining, kitchen area that includes two sitting areas; one positioned around a television and the other positioned by a window for relaxing and socialising without a television. The dining area would include a large table of Henry VIII proportions for entertaining, board games, homework and gathering.  The kitchen area would include a walk in pantry and a computer nook.

The birth of my second son late last year will soon take me back to the joys of creating artwork, playing games and reading together. So one of those formal rooms would be transformed into an art room come playroom where masterpieces can be created and displayed and mess doesn’t impact on the day-to-day living of the rest of the family.

My dream home would also contain a library as I haven’t yet wholly embraced the electronic book and I love the distinguished feel of a room lined with books.  I’m channelling a couple of Tom Dixon wingback chairs for here.

My husband loves listening to music so in response to his needs, a music room will be his refuge.  If I wasn’t dreaming in such grand proportions, this could be combined into the library, yet I am so this room also includes a grand piano to accommodate my desire to resume playing.

As we are heavy study users, this vital component of our household would include desk space for multiple users and plenty of purpose built storage.

My teenager longs for a billiard table so this is included in a rumpus retreat along with a large screen television, surround sound stereo, generous seating and room for a fold out table tennis table and storage for games.  Ideally this room would open out onto the garden so indoor games can seamlessly transition to outdoors.

I would take on Monacle Magazine’s tip to improve my life (17 in their list of 50) by making available the ancient ritual of bathing the soul as well as the body in a bathing pavilion that houses a sauna, a steam room, a separate toilet, a cavernous bath and a gigantic shower.

In the garden amongst established trees would be a potting shed, sculpture and plants bearing vegetables, fruit and flowers.  And whilst I’m dreaming, instead of a home gymnasium to which I do not aspire, our outdoor area would include a tennis court and swimming pool.

Some other interesting rooms that didn’t make the cut are a craft room, a hobby room and a collecting room that would be home to collections or pieces that have caught someone’s interest over time.

Mostly I love the idea of not having to unpack and pack up but rather to enable the things that are important to me to be available in my everyday life.

I suspect my husband’s dream home would also include a cellar, photographic studio and a sports room for trophies and memorabilia.

It’s been fun to ruminate on a home suited to my own lofty goals and not those of others.  What does your dream house look like?


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