One of the most difficult things for me to do when I took on my own home renovation was to ensure that every voice was heard and every body was accounted for.

Quite early on in our project, my husband Gary adopted a room in the front of our house.  It has a nice view down our beautifully tree lined street and out to the water in the distance. There was to be no television, he wanted it to be somewhere cosy where you could read and listen to music.  It sounded very grown right up until he showed me a picture of a room he really liked.

It had vibrantly coloured furniture and a purple rug – his favourite colour.  As it was going to be his house too, I was determined to show him how clever I was and that I could accommodate his look into mine to create something interesting and functional.

I adore velvet and we both agreed this was going to perform well, feel cosy and provide the wow Gary was after. After some careful sourcing of different furniture, fabrics and joinery materials, the final selection was left to Gary.

To this day I still refer to this room as the porn-star room which is a distasteful but disturbingly appropriate name for it.  It has modernist shapes and colours reminiscent of the 1960’s.  I love the wow of the room and the way in which it creates a statement at the front door whilst still assimilating into the rest of the house.

Yet more than anything I love that I was bold and brave enough to take on new ideas and especially those of my beloved. Without that room I’m sure part of Gary would feel like he was living in my house.

See for yourself and let me know what you think!

Caroline Cumberbatch The Home Proejct green chairs

Caroline Cumberbatch interior designer looking into Zac room

Caroline Cumberbatch The Home Project Tom Sameks

And here’s a look at it before the renovation:

Caroline Cumberbatch The Home Project lounge before


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