What are your favourite things?

Most of us do not consider possessions the most important aspects of our home and consider the occupants as the most meaningful and important; however possessions are a necessary component of our physical and emotional wellbeing and can provide comfort and practicality as well as enable us to focus on areas that bring us joy and happiness.

How do we know what things will contribute to a positive involvement with our home and what things will end up forgotten, misplaced, hidden or relegated to the back of the linen cupboard? Is there a selection process that will ensure money is well spent and value is provided in return?

Gretchen Rubin talks in her book Happier at Homeabout a meaningful relationship between oneself and ones possessions as being one of engagement.

According to her, engagement comes in two forms.  First is the engagement that comes with use and second is the engagement that comes with response.

I’m reminded of the framed picture of a puppy in my study that my son drew in year four.  It’s a warm reminder of his childhood and the tender moments it included.  And I think fondly of my brother every time I look at his brilliant pencil drawing of Charles Kingsford Smith that hangs proudly at the end of our hallway. And then there’s my computer that feels like a friend I can’t live without, it usefulness far outweighing its stature.  Here’s a peek:

Caroline Cumberbatch Zacs puppy

Caroline Cumberbatch Kingsford smith hallway

Another useful measure is William Morris’s rousing call to “Have nothing in your houses that you do not know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful.”

Whilst we’re told that people should be the important things in our lives, not possessions, for me mutual exclusivity does not exist and I can have both people and possessions as important to me.

So lets celebrate materialism.



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